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The Cast of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Then and Now

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Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know. Can you repeat the question?

For six years, America watched the highly-dysfunctional yet loving Wilkerson family; the family with five sons were just trying to hold the unit together as much as they could although they usually despised each other and often drove each other to screaming breakdowns. Hopefully, we thought while watching dad Hal crying in the busted down family car or witnessing mom Lois screaming rants at her coworkers, we’re not that bad. Malcolm and his crazy family let us believe that there’s always somebody worse off out there.

While the show only ran for six seasons, it was one of our favorite family-centric sitcoms because families aren’t always as happy as in the shows with laugh tracks. Sometimes you just want to ring your siblings necks! So whatever happened to the most maladjusted family on TV? Find out here!

malcolm in the middle

Source; FOX

Whatever happened to Malcolm and his brothers?