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The Craziest Historical Facts That No One Remembers Anymore

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Do You Remember?

History is weird, and even more than that, history is long. When you think about it, history is getting longer all the time, so that means it’s getting increasingly difficult to study.

In history class, the lessons we learn differ vastly depending on our teacher, school, state, and country. Even the very textbooks we use and rely on often give us only a glance into the past, and who knows just how biased these sources really are?

One thing is for sure: The reason why so many people think history is boring is simply because they’re not being taught the more interesting facts about the past that can crack us up even hundreds of years later.

Redditors were asked to share unbelievable historical facts that people seem to have forgotten about, and these stories will make you wish your history teacher had been a lot cooler!

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Source: Reddit

First up: That guy who farted in front of Queen Elizabeth…