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The ‘Damn Daniel’ Kid Has Taken the Tattoo World by Surprise

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Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with a new fad… but this time, it’s permanent.

In today’s viral world, the classic fifteen minutes of fame feels like it’s been cut down to fifteen seconds, but every once in a while, some internet phenomenon will make it past its original time in the limelight to become something culturally important.

It may have peaked weeks ago, but the “Damn, Daniel!” vine that started it all–countless parodies, a new catchphrase, and the surging popularity of vans–is still bound to be with us for some time.

This is truer than most for a few people who took their love for “Damn, Daniel!” to the next level… we can’t believe they did this!

damn daniel intro

Source: Twitter @Josholzz/ Instagram @amilliontattoo

They turned a fleeting fad into something permanent!