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The Miss Teen USA Pageant is Eliminating the Swimsuit Competition

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Time to keep it covered.

Being crowned the winner of a beauty pageant is one of the biggest goals many women around the globe have each year. Whether they compete in their local pageant, or go on to be part of the Miss Universe competition, women across the world are working hard to be the standard of perfection. As they prepare their different looks in makeup, gowns, and more, the teenagers of Miss Teen USA can now stop worrying about one aspect of the pageant. According to reports, the swimsuit competition is set to be eliminated from the show altogether, as it has triggered controversy around issues of body-shaming and exploitation.

The swimsuit section won’t be cut completely from the competition, however, it is being remodeled to focus more on the athletics of women in the pageant. Will this put an end to body shaming?

Miss Teen USA

Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Say goodbye to the bikinis, ladies.