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The Most Regrettable Purchases Ever Made

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Turn your swag on

It pays to save. Well, not really. Sure, you’ll have more money in your wallet and bank account or in the paper cup that you bury in your backyard. That’s undeniable. Is there anything more satisfying that looking at your banking app and NOT seeing thirteen dollars and sixty seven cents? Wouldn’t that be novel.

But part of the pleasure of not living in a totalitarian, communist dictatorship is buying things. All the things. Throw caution to the wind and get that chrome Tesla on lean and czechoslovakian wolfdog on credit. That what America is all about: building something on nothing, no matter how jerry-rigged and precarious. And what’s more American than online shopping. It like the fourth amendment, right?

We’ve compiled some of the most misguided, regrettable purchases that people are willing to admit on the internet. Check it out.

czechoslovakian wolfdog

Source: Instagram @travelwithmaya

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