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The Questionable Legality Behind Celebrity Trademarks

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What’s in a Name?

For thousands of years, trademarks have protected companies, celebrity brands, and individuals. From logos to catchphrases to specific words, trademarks can exist on myriad subjects in order to grant exclusive usage rights to the owner.

For the most part, trademarks have countless benefits. They protect people’s intellectual property from being misused or profited upon by competitors and strangers. They allow artists and businesses to maintain certain integrity around the products they make or promote. Lastly, trademarks help prevent imitators from scamming innocent people by slapping a famous brand or name onto a false product.

But when does a trademark go too far?

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An important ethical question regarding trademarks came to prominence in this week’s headlines after singer Kylie Minogue fought back against Kylie Jenner over legal rights to something they both hold very dear: the name Kylie.

Do some celebrity trademarks go just one step too far?