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The Real Life Dangers of ‘Pokémon Go’

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It’s all virtual fun until someone gets hurt

America is on fire right now with Pokémon Fever. People of all ages, seemingly many Millennials who actually played the card game years ago and who don’t want small children logging on and overwhelming the servers, are walking around in the real world trying to find Pokémon creatures hidden in their cities on the augmented reality game that uses a real world map and places virtual creatures over it. The game has become an addiction to many.

But while you’re walking around in another world with your head firmly buried in your phone, there are real world dangers that lie in wait. Opportunists are actually using “lures” in the game to bring unsuspecting folks to them, for one thing. This past week has already been rife with mishaps due to Pokémon Mania. These should act as cautionary tales for those of you who must catch them all.

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Watch out for those lures.