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The Rise of Robosexuality

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The Sexual Revolution

By 2050, more people will have sex with robots than with humans, Dr. Ian Pearson writes in “The Future of Sex: The Rise of the Robosexuals.” He predicts that by 2035, most people will have virtual reality sex toys. And humanlike sexbots “covered in soft materials, agile enough to do anything a human can” will be commonplace not long after.

But just as robosexuals start to gain mainstream exposure, opposition rises up with a loud and moralizing voice. Dr. Kathleen Richardson states, “Sex robots seem to be a growing focus in the robotics industry and the models that they draw on—how they will look, what roles they could play—are very disturbing indeed.” But is the prospect of disease-free sex with an automaton from the safety of your own home really a threat to human relationships? And how different are sexbots from the vibrator you have in your nightstand?


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Before you come to an informed decision, we’re here to look at how robosexual revolution will take shape…