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One Man a Year Shoots His Penis off and Other Terrifying Statistics

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Let’s Look at the Numbers

Proof in the form of valid statistics may be the single most powerful way of winning an argument or reporting hardline journalism today. Even in personal conversations among friends and colleagues, the person who is best able to pull out the solid facts and numbers and use them in their favor are often the ones who will walk away from the discussion feeling most vindicated about their position, perhaps even convincing others along the way.

After all, people love to spit out statistics. But where do they come from, and can they be trusted? Many times, statistics that, technically speaking, are true can be incredibly biased or use language that drastically warps the information they provide.

When it comes to these terrifying statistics, however, there’s no denying what they say. These facts and figures are probably not the most pleasant in the world, but that makes them even more eye-opening. Redditors were asked to share proven facts that nobody wants to hear, and they knew just the statistics to do it with. You’re going to want to hold on tight to your seat for this one.

sad statistics gun in waistband

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Stop carrying guns in your waistband!