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The Surprisingly Heartfelt Reason Why This Man Married a S*x Doll

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I Now Pronounce You Man and Doll

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Source: Twitter @RealtorsinABQ

Should people be free to marry who they choose? What if that ‘who’ is actually a ‘what’?

One man in China made headlines this week after the photoshoot from his wedding to a sex doll went viral. Normally, you’d see something like this and automatically assume the man is some sort of freak, but there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

The man, who remains unnamed, is only 28 years old, and yet he was in such a rush to get married that he decided to buy an expensive and lifelike sex doll and marry her instead. To celebrate their special day, he even paid for the doll to get a makeover, and then they had a professional photoshoot. And if we’re being honest, they both looked beautiful.

When the story first broke, people assumed the worst about the man, but when the truth came to light, it turned out that he married an artificial doll for a much more altruistic reason.