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The Truth About Traveling: Expectation vs. Reality

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Wanderlust? More like wanderBUST!

Ah, travel! It’s something people spends their whole lives dreaming of doing, but only a handful of us are fortunate enough to actually live out our wanderlust. But are those select few actually so lucky? Sadly, seeing the world is a lot like advertising; the photos show you one thing, but you get something completely different once the product is in front of you.

Don’t get us wrong – we absolutely want you to get your lazy bum off the couch and explore this big, bad Earth we’re living on! Just do yourself a favor and don’t let professionally taken photos set your sights too high. We’re here to set the record straight about traveling; especially when it comes to taking photos!

The Truth About Traveling: Expectation vs. Reality

Source: Imgur/Shadow Bun

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