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Is Porn Really to Blame?

Morality and our many interpretations of it have long been at the center of our social wars. More often than not, these conflicts arise between different cultures or between different generations of the same culture.

Who hasn’t seen adults and the elderly chiding adolescents for their callousness and irresponsibility, so much of which is out of the youth’s hands? Stories and parables beginning with “When I was your age…” are such a well-known part of our oral history because people advanced in years are incidentally assumed to be more advanced in goodness and wiseness as well. As we grow older, however, mistakes and misgivings fall by the wayside as stories of victory and moral superiority fill our own memories and the lessons we pass on to others.

But who creates the world that our children enter and young people find themselves inundated in? Everything that exists today is a product of an earlier generation; our saving graces as well as our vices are the results of the successes and mistakes of those who came before us, but once these realities go awry, the current generation is left to deal with the blame.

Online pornography has always been stigmatized, and like many sexual taboos, moral crusaders warn of the very real dangers and implications that our private pastimes and virtual fantasies surely have. But as reports proliferate and warn that internet porn adversely affects our sex lives, it’s time to take a closer look at the facts behind the claim.

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Is online porn really as dangerous as they say it is?