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The Worst Weddings on Reddit

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Wedding staffers of Reddit tell all about the worst bridezillas ever.

Weddings are (we hope) joyous occasions where two people who are in love finally make it official and become family. The elegant ceremonies last just a few hours, but the couple wants every detail to be absolutely perfect so that friends and family will be impressed. Hiring a great wedding planner and getting all the right staff can ensure that your big day will go smoothly and everything will happen on schedule.

But some brides and grooms can’t relinquish control of their event and become obnoxious to deal with: they stress and meltdown to the extent that the ceremony ruins the very relationship its trying to celebrate. The wedding staffers of Reddit have seen it all from volcanic, bridal eruptions to meddling mother-in-laws. Here are their stories.

sad bride and groom in church

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The wedding staffers of Reddit tell all about their bad brides.