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These Actors Could Be the Next Han Solo

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Never tell these guys the odds.

(Okay, so it’s one in three.)

Star Wars fans across the galaxy are living through a new golden age, with no fewer than five new films scheduled to release in the next four years. As we all saw in the months leading up to Episode VII and during its theatrical run, with Disney holding the reigns on the franchise, no promotion is too much, and it felt like every brand wanted to get onboard with the hype.

And hey, for us Star Wars fans, that’s really not a bad thing. Who hasn’t dreamed of their favorite sci-fi franchise filling up TV spots, store shelves, and billboards 24/7? It’s certainly a sight we should get used to over the next half decade.

Though we’re still a long way off from the Han Solo origin movie, news continues to flood in from pre-production, especially following the exciting reports that the actors up for the lead role have been narrowed down to a shortlist of three potential young men.

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Credit: Brad Barket/ Ronaldo Schemidt/ AFP/ Keith Tsuji/ Getty Images for Paramount/ Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

Chances are you’ve seen them before…