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These Are Some of the Most Influential Animals in the World

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Are You Familiar With These Important Animals?

In recent days, you may have seen the news about Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2016 list.

Since 1999, the TIME 100 has been a much-anticipated list celebrating the names, faces, and deeds of the people that make our world go round. One of the most special things about the annual list is that each individual’s mini-biography is written by another celebrated name or personality from across the fields of ‘titans,’ ‘pioneers,’ ‘artists,’ ‘leaders,’ and ‘icons.’

While many of the individuals honored on the TIME 100 are names you probably hear every day, a good amount of them are not over-saturated, and in fact, these are the people you should be learning more about. Their accomplishments are among the most important for our culture and the world as a whole.

But there’s another equally important list out this week, and if global entrepreneurs aren’t quite your cup of tea, this list might be more up your alley.

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Source: Twitter @DearlyDDolls

Do you know these most important animals in the world?