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These Child Prodigies Just Made a Michael Jackson Cover Like You’ve Never Heard Before

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Make it a better place.

In 1991, Michael Jackson released his album Dangerous, which featured the song “Heal the World.” But did you know that MJ would later go on to say that “Heal the World” is the song he is most proud of?

So dedicated was the singer to the message of the song that he founded the Heal the World Foundation, which existed in its original state for ten years and helped to provide major relief as well as drug and alcohol abuse eduation to Sarajevo, not to mention it helped disadvantage children in other areas. According to Jackson, the goal of the foundation was “to improve the conditions for children throughout the world.”

It’s only natural, then, that a new cover of the song was made entirely by children. And they’re not just any children: These are musical prodigies from around the world that came together virtually to perform a version of “Heal the World” unlike anything you’ve heard before.

michael jackson heal the world cover

Source: YouTube/ Maati Baani

Which one of these young performers is your favorite?