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These Olympic Divers Are Blowing Up The Bathroom

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They’re really making a plop!

There’s something admirable about being an Olympic diver. For starters, making it to the Olympics in itself is no easy feat; the blood, sweat and tears that go into it are some serious business! You’ve got to eat right, stay in shape and spend the majority of your free time practicing, leaving hardly anytime for a social life. At the end of the day, Olympians deserve nothing but our respect — but sometimes we can’t help but make fun of them…

Why, you ask? Because the faces Olympic divers make when they jump off the board are absolutely ridiculous – and a mysterious Redditor out there took full advantage of that by Photoshopping these renowned divers onto a toilet. We must say, we’re absolutely LIVING for it!

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

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