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These People Share the Exact Moment They Knew Their Childhood Ended

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So This Is Growing Up.

When does childhood end and your adult life begin? For some of us, it may have been a gradual process that came along with changing bodies, more responsibilities, and the loss of interest in our youthful pastimes. For others, the schism may have come suddenly and without warning, leaving a definite impact in the way that life suddenly propelled us into adulthood.

Regardless of how or when it happened, one day we all wake up with the blissful innocence of youth behind us and the pressing realities of our adult life awaiting us impatiently. The golden days of summer fade away into sweltering days at the office, waking up early for Saturday morning cartoons instead becomes time for catching up on precious sleep (or being roused far too early by children of our own). At some point, the real world rears its ugly head, our binary understanding of good and evil splits and multiplies into myriad forms, and we are thrust into the fast-paced, high-stakes world of grownups.

What was the exact moment you knew your childhood was over? Redditors were asked this question, and their stories will bring back plenty of memories and experiences we can all relate to.

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