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These Women Saved a Stranger From Being Drugged and Raped by Someone She Never Suspected

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The true meaning of heroes!

Date rape is a serious issue. It is estimated that over 70% of rapes happen to someone who knows their attacker. While us women are urged not to leave our drinks alone, getting rohypnoled can sometimes happen right in front of you with just a little sleight of hand. It’s unfortunate that many women are told not to dress a certain way or act a certain way instead of men being taught respect and the meaning of consent.

In the following case, it’s so heartwarming that women are not only supporting other women, but looking out for them – even if they are strangers. We often hear stories of people who witness a crime or someone in distress and don’t say anything, or help. Hopefully this story will urge others to help other people.

three women who stopped a rape

Source: Facebook @Sonia Ulrich

Everyone needs to read this scary story that fortunately has a happy ending.