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Things From Your Childhood That Kids Don’t Know About Today

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Kids These Days…

We know, we know, back in your day you had to walk 10 miles in the rain and snow to get to your one room schoolhouse, yadda yadda. But seriously, what’s a floppy disk?

Generational gaps are the many sociocultural experiences and references that won’t be shared by one generation and the next, typically due to technological advancement or social reform of some sort.

What was commonplace when your grandparents were teenagers may be all but obsolete and even extinct today, whereas things you enjoyed as a child may never be known to children today.

Redditors shared some of their childhood memories that kids today will likely never experience outside of a history book (or Google search), and it makes for a great trip down memory lane.

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Source: Twitter @Backfeed_cc

Do you know what all these things are, or are you too young?