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Things You Are Better Off Not Knowing

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Not-So-Fun Facts

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? For those of us who prefer to look on the bright side of life, it can be easy to ignore all the sad truths that surround us and focus on the positive.

Then again, those of us who don’t mind life’s morbid realities often steep ourselves in facts and figures that we know won’t bring a smile to our faces. In fact, going out and seeking these anti-fun facts isn’t dissimilar to the experience of life itself: the older we grow and the more we learn, the more it becomes apparent that the world is filled with unfortunate truths. Still, that doesn’t necessarily make it a worse place.

Want to fill your mind with some wild, albeit depressing trivia? Redditors were asked to share things you really wish you didn’t know in the first place… how much can you handle?

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You’ve been warned!