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This Guy Recreated His Sister’s Baby Pics With A Cat, And Totally Won The Internet

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Hilarious Blogger Proves Once Again Why Cat Humor Is Perfection

If you’re supposed to get pink balloons for a baby girl and blue balloons for a baby boy, what color balloons do you get if your brother’s child is actually a cat? The answer, of course, is a gender-and-species-neutral (and all-around more chic) grey. DUH!

It’s questions like these that Meredith Tuttle struggles with every day as her younger brother, blogger Gordy Yates, continues to believe that his pet cat is actually his biological son. PSYCH! Totally kidding.

man recreates sister's baby photos with cat


Here’s the scoop: Meredith and Gordy have been tight since they were super young. The sibs are so close, in fact, that they often refer to one another as their “twin.” For Meredith’s 28th birthday, Gordy did a photoshoot recreating all of Meredith’s photos of herself with her children, using his neighbor’s cat to replace the human kids.

Not only is Gordy hilarious, but he’s hot and SINGLE, ladies. So click below to see all of the pictures, and don’t forget to SHARE this story with your friends! You KNOW they want to see these cat pics!