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This Guy Trolls ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ Tourists in the Best Way Ever

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A Whole New Kind of Tourist Trap.

Whether you’ve been to the Tuscan city of Pisa or not, you’ve seen it. And I’m not talking about the famed Leaning Tower.

Of course, I mean the tourists. We’ll never know who started the trend, but chances are if you’ve ever been to Pisa, Italy, you’ve taken a picture that makes it look like you’re supporting (or running from, or being penetrated by) the Leaning Tower, which is in fact the bell tower located adjacent to the city’s cathedral and baptistry. And if you haven’t been there, you’ve definitely seen it on the internet, whether from a friend or a stranger.

We loathe to think how the locals feel about hoards of tourists coming to take the same picture with this iconic structure day after day, but one man had enough, and when he made the trip to Pisa, he decided to do a different kind of photo shoot…

leaning tower troll 1

Source: Imgur/ savidiot

As it turned out, the other tourists made for better pictures.