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This Is What Heartbreak Looks Like on a Fitbit

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Love Hurts.

If you’ve ever experienced heartbreak, you may know the feeling of struggling to draw a breath; a sudden, sharp pain in your head; your mind fogging over; a pit in your stomach growing ever deeper. Some people have even compared it to dying. As it turns out, they may not be so wrong.

The growing popularity of wearable technology has been much more than an impetus towards the future. People who wear Apple Watches, Jawbones, Fitbits, or other fitness trackers have also discovered what it’s like to be completely and perpetually connected; supremely aware of their own bodies and the otherwise unseen ways they react to various stimuli.

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As it so happens, Koby Soto’s Fitbit was hard at work at the precise moment that his boyfriend unexpectedly broke up with him—over the phone, no less—providing us all with strange, data-driven insight into the toll such an emotional event takes on our bodies. Soto told BuzzFeed News, “I wasn’t doing anything, I didn’t go to the gym, I didn’t expect the Fitbit to even track me. It was just on me.”

“When you have this, it’s interesting—you have something to show.”