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This Live Streaming Piano Improv Guy Just ROCKETED Past 150k Fans!

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“Music Is The Most Sincere Vibration Of Life.”

That’s a direct quote from Piano Improv Guy, aka Bernie Katzman. Shoot me for sounding cliché, but there’s really no language more universal than music. Look at a stadium concert with an objective point of view – we pay top dollar to flood into crowded stadiums and listen to sound vibrations travel through the air, we dance with one another, and when a particularly pleasing or momentous sound happens, we literally scream with pleasure.

You can’t deny that there’s just something about music that’s part of our DNA, and thanks to one talented entrepreneur, hundreds of thousands of people have the opportunity to share a live music experience together for free, from the comfort of their home, wherever their home is – there’s no corner of the map too far.

Bernie Katzman, Piano Improv Man


The guy we’re talking about is Bernie Katzman, and since he launched his live stream channel of his piano and vocal improvisations of songs submitted by request, his viewership has gone viral, and he’s already garnered HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of faithful followers!

The Piano Improv Man comes to you live most days every week just to share his extreme talent and bring people together, but who is he? Where did he come from? And where can you hear his fantastic stream?

Keep reading to find out all of this and more! Trust us, you don’t want to miss Piano Improv Guy!