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This Man Helps Single Moms and The Elderly In The Most Unexpected Way!

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Rodney’s Story

Rodney Smith talks about lawn service

Source: YouTube/Briggs & Stratton

I love stories about people who do great deeds to give back to the community. Especially young people like Rodney Smith, Jr., who is a native of the island of Bermuda.

Rodney grew tired of seeing elderly people, disabled people and single moms breaking their backs to do something we can do so easily. He’s a senior at Alabama A&M University and plans to go back to get his master’s in Social Work. Until then, he, along with a number of young men, will be doing THIS for those who are disadvantaged and less fortunate.

Rodney says he does the charitable deed because he’s “young, he’s able, and a lot of people aren’t able.”