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This Photographer Is Going Viral With Amazing Photographs of Intimate Couples

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Ain’t love grand?

If you look on the internet or in magazines, there’s a lot of advice on relationships. Whether it’s about sex, communication, or even wrangling yourself a parter — someone else’s input everywhere you look. We hear lots of gossip about splits and fights and divorces, but what we don’t get to see are the sweet moments. (Sure, there are weddings, but those are few and far between.) Global photographer Natalia Mindru (aka Photomicona) captures the most intimate moments (without being sexual) of loving couples without the saccharine sentimentality. These are the moments that make you miss your partner, ones that play over and over again in your head and make you grin ear to ear. Don’t forget to check out Mindru’s website!

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Source: Instagram @photomicona

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