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This Police Video Helps Us Understand Consent By Asking One Simple Question

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Consent 101

Consent can be hard. Actually, it shouldn’t be, but as you have probably heard in recent news or are reminded by shocking and upsetting tales of sexual assault and rape now and again, some people are really having problems understanding that no means no.

We learn consent from our earliest years onward, from sharing things like toys and stuffed animals to understanding personal space, social norms, and appropriate touching. Really, by the time we’re teenagers or college students, we should be consent masters. Yet for some reason, the transition from consent on smaller issues to consent in sexual matters is a bridge that some people, largely men, just can’t seem to cross.

But here’s the thing: consent is consent, and there’s absolutely nothing different between saying yes to sex and, for example, saying yes to a cup of tea.

In fact, to drive home the point that yes means yes and no means no in all aspects of life, artists at the Blue Seat Studios created an amazing consent tutorial that was quickly picked up by police to share with the world in order to simplify the crucial lesson that is asking for and granting consent. To make it understandable for the masses, especially the British audience that the Thames Valley Police first shared it with, the video summarizes consent with one simple, analogical question.

consent and tea cup of tea

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Would you like a spot of tea?