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This Sassy Cat Refuses To Leave A UK Grocery Store

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“You Don’t Have To Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here!”

Shoppers in Brockley, UK, know better than to shop at this supermarket if they’ve got a cat allergy. Because no matter how hard the shopkeepers try to kick him out, this cat will always come back — cuter and more defiant than ever.

That’s the great thing about our cousins across the pond — in the UK, they don’t seem to be so worried about the rules all the time like we are here in America! If a cat was walking among the aisles of a New York grocery store, animal control would be there in a heartbeat. In Brockley, it’s just an annoyance — not a crime!

Brockley Sainsbury's Shop Cat

Source: Twitter @J_Tema

Read on to learn this cat’s story, to see his adorable interactions with the shoppers, and to find out who wins in the ultimate struggle between cat and shopkeeper!