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Trailblazing Feminists

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We can do it!

More and more female (and male!) celebrities are speaking out about feminism, which is essentially about equality. There’s still a misguided misconception that feminists hate men, but can those people name one person that’s said they hate men? It’s quite ridiculous that this day in age some Americans are threatened by women and feel the need to harass and troll them on the internet because they are insecure and fear change. Instead of being negative and tearing people down, I wish more people would educate themselves about something they claim to be against. We have come a long way and we still have a long way to go just in the US. Let’s take a stroll through history and learn about just some of the many groundbreaking celebrity feminists that were an important part of the movement to gender equality here in America.

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Knowledge is power: Learn about these fearless women