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Trans Man Recounts His Embarrassment of Still Having to Deal With Periods

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“Changing a tampon outs you.”

Society ain’t what it used to be, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, breaking away from our binary, outdated, and even suffocating societal norms is a good thing, so long as we move together towards a brighter and more inclusive future.

One of the scariest things about dealing with mass societal change is feeling like nothing makes sense anymore, and that fear, which strikes many millions of Americans to their core, is perfectly normal. To put it simply: imagine that for your whole life, there are only circles and squares, and everybody is happy with the two shapes and the inherent differences between them. Then, suddenly, a triangle comes along. How are you supposed to understand what feels like an unorthodox and unexpected change?

For this very reason, transgender people today are finding themselves at the forefront of an assault by social conservatives who cannot and will not understand what it means to live a life that exists, at least while transitioning, somewhere between the two sexes.

One issue you may never have thought of, given the numerous taboos that have buried it deep from the standard topics of polite conversation, is that of male menstruation. And yup, it really is a thing.

trans male period man in mirror

Source: YouTube @THINX

This is the reality of men who get their period, and the important message they want you to know.