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Trans Teen Left for Summer as a Boy, Comes Back to School Looking Like Kim Kardashian

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Keeping Up With Kairah: A Trans Teen Story

Going back to school each year can be tough for any kid. Old friends, new faces, a whole new set of subjects and responsibilities to tackle.

But imagine coming back from summer vacation not just 3 months older and maybe a little more bronzed than when your friends last saw you, but actually, as a whole new gender. A whole new person.

That’s what going back to school this fall is like for 15-year-old UK teen Kairah Kelly. Looking at her now, it may by hard to believe that just a few short months ago, the teen left school as a boy named Tyler.

Now, Kairah is tackling the world head on as a woman — the gender he’s always truly identified with.

Trans teen Kairah Kelly

Source: Facebook @Kairah Sierra Kelly

What made this transition so quick for young Kairah? And what does Kim Kardashian have to do with all of this? For all of that, and more, keep reading!