True Stories From Employers Who Had to Fire Someone on the First Day

Oct 3, 2016 at 2:18 pm |

You’re H/Fired

Starting a new job is scary.

Even though you’ve gotten through the job search, which can often be just as hard as maintaining a job in the first place, now the real test begins. How long can you last?

Though every job is different. Many industries give new employees a period of about 90 days to prove themselves on the job. In other professions, such as teaching, you might even work at the same place for years before your employer lets you know that you won’t be getting tenured.

And then for some people, all it takes is one day.

Though it seems like something out of a sitcom, some people’s first day of work is also their last. Employers and managers of Reddit were asked to share the stories of why they’ve ever had to fire someone on the first day, and let’s just say these stories are WILD.

you are fired post it

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This isn’t going to work out.

Could this happen to you?