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Unbelievable Stories Published From Women About When Abortion Was Illegal

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The consequences of abortions were devastating.

Since men have been getting women pregnant, complications have ensued. From a myriad of health issues to enduring moral judgements, pregnancies going to term aren’t always the best, or even safest, option. Abortion rights have always been a hot topic with people fighting bitterly for both sides. Though people will never fully agree on the issue, the future health of the pregnant woman must be at the forefront. Due to laws often made because of moral beliefs, women have been driven to do scary and unsafe things in order to obtain an abortion for whatever reason they had. The results have sometimes resulted in sterility, severe infection, and death.

In the most recent ruling on abortion, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg voted to protect current abortion laws in Texas because she refused to marginalize women who were in “desperate circumstances.” Though obtaining an abortion is somewhat easier today than 50 years ago, women still feel shame about their pregnancy and will do anything to stop it from going to term. Here are the stories from people who did illegal actions to save lives or to conform to society.

Supreme Court Protestors

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Right or wrong, people will always seek abortions.