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Would You Rock This Newest Fashion Fad?

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korotoro underwear hat 3

Source: Dwango/ Korotoro

Remember when you were a little kid and you would sometimes wear your underwear on your head? (…Did anyone else do that?) Yeah, well now you can do it as an adult, too.

And no, I don’t mean doing it in the privacy of your apartment, but like, in public. Officially. Because there’s a new hat on the market that’s taking Japan by storm, and it looks exactly like—you guessed it—underwear. Thankfully, the hats come in both blue and pink to fit all your binary fashion needs.

Honestly, isn’t it about time someone invented these? I mean, how is it fair that underpants can double as hats, but hats can’t double as underpants? Finally, these babies restore a sense of balance to the world of fashion.

Okay, okay — so these are actually ridiculous. But you won’t believe how people are defending them.