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A UN Human Rights Watch Couldn’t Believe It When They Saw THIS in the United States

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Though it rarely ranks among the top 10 countries for best human rights practices, the United States is certainly a country that many people with associate with freedom and liberty.

And since there’s always more work to be done in terms of the betterment of a country, its government, and its people, the US may have just learned what area they should start with, thanks to a recent report from three human rights experts.

Frances Raday (UK), Eleonora Zielinska (Polan), and Alda Facio (Costa Rica) were sent to the US to prepare a report for the United Nations on the many issues under the umbrella of women’s rights. When it came to their experience of gender equality in America, the delegates could only say that “it was shocking.” And they didn’t mean it in a good way.

Think the US is the fairest country in the world? Think again, and learn what the delegates’ 5 biggest issues with women’s rights in America were.

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