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Veteran Mom of 3 Goes Viral With Hilarious ‘Teenage-ism’ Note for Daughter’s School Tardiness

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This mom just won at parenting.

Raising kids is anything but easy, and most parents would probably admit that sometimes they feel like resorting to drastic measures to get through to a misbehaving teen. After all, the twos may be terrible, but what about teenagers who can dress themselves, drive, date, and disappear into the virtual worlds behind their screens for hours on end? Now THAT is tough.

For one mom in California, one particularly rough morning with her eldest daughter (age 14) led to a scramble with her four- and ten-year-olds as well. The oldest girl continued to give some classic teen sass, so the mom responded in a way most parents could only dream of:

She threw her daughter’s cell phone out the car window.

Need to learn more? Thought so. Here’s the full story!

teenagism family photo

Source: Facebook @Nicole Poppic

Now she’s going viral for it…