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Virginia Joins Growing Movement of US States Against Child Marriage

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Combating America’s child marriage problem.

Several months ago, we wrote about an eye-opening social experiment that shocked Americans and tourists in New York City’s Times Square by faking the photoshoot of a child marriage. The silent and clearly underage bride sulked behind her much older and foreign-acting husband as onlookers reacted by asking the girl where her parents were, confronting the husband and calling him a pervert, or by casting quiet looks of disgust.

Now, several states are taking a stand against the United States’s confusing laws around child marriage, putting an end to the antiquated system that endangers (primarily female) children, even when their parents, guardians, and local legal systems have forsaken them.

child marriage social experiment times square

Source: YouTube @Coby Persin

Didn’t think child marriage was a problem in the USA? Think again.