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Waiters Share the Most Awkward Dates They’ve Ever Witnessed

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“Would you like dessert, or should I just bring the check?”

When it comes down to it, waiters, hostesses, and bartenders might just be the best people watchers around.

While buzzing around from table to table or dealing with us at overcrowded bars, these dedicated workers are privy to our most intimate conversations, our weirdest dining habits, and our personal lives, from family meals to first dates and even secret rendezvous.

Waiters on Reddit were asked to share their most cringeworthy, embarrassing, or just plain sad stories about bad dates that they’ve encountered during their time in the food industry, and these will SERIOUSLY make you question where you decide to take your next date!

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Source: Twitter @DaftyNews/ Reddit

Getting stood up should be the LEAST of your fears…