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Watch Televangelists Justify Their Private Jets

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And on the eighth day, they bought private jets…

Coined in 1958, the term televangelism is sure to evoke an emotional response in many Americans.

Whether such programs are always on your TV or whether you change the channel as soon as one comes on, it’s still a fascinating glimpse into an inherently American “soul business,” born from the destitution of the Great Depression as traveling preachers came into vogue before tapping into technology to spread their message to the masses.

Often unconnected to actual churches or establishments, televangelists have been criticized for fraudulent schemes and downright unchristian values, such as promising viewers material and financial success and prosperity. When it comes down to it, there’s no better way to see how their message holds up than by checking if these televangelists practice what they preach.

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Source: YouTube @jeffre2012

Two famous televangelists went on the air a few months ago to defend why they had private jets, and their excuses don’t exactly sound like the Word of God…