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Weeks Before the Rio Olympics, LGBT People Are Being Murdered at Record Rates

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As the World Watches

Anti-LGBT violence is everywhere. Even the most liberal and progressive countries are not free of isolated incidents of violence against non-cisgender heterosexuals. The LGBT community is specifically targeted for their “nonconventional” and alternative lifestyles, or simply for being who they are and loving who they love.

The recent shootings at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando drew international attention for the rise of homophobic violence in America as the shooter specifically targeted the gay community who had come to the club for Latin night. In the wake of the tragic event, much-needed attention was given to the crisis of violence facing our country and world at the moment, and more specifically to the fact that the LGBT community is widely persecuted, even in 2016.

Within the LGBT community, however, violence can be even more specific. 2015 was a record-breaking year for documented violence against transgender people, with 22 reported trans murders in the United States alone.

But one country stands far above the rest when it comes to transphobic violence and murder, and, even as the crisis worsens, the nation is about to fall under the eyes of the whole world.

brazil trans murder welcome to hell

Credit: Vanderlei Almeida/ Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen, bem-vindos to Brazil.