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9 Weird Secrets About American Presidents

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Was Ulysses S. Grant a Nevernude?

The President of the United States is often referred to as the leader of the free world or the most powerful [wo]man on the planet. And with great power comes great secrets.

Whether for national security or personal privacy, the president is often aware of some of the country’s–and indeed the world’s–top secrets. After all, there is tons of information the government understands should never fall into the hands of the public (or of other governments). It’s for this very reason that so many people don’t trust the government in the first place.

The highest levels of our nation’s leaders are steeped in secrets, but none more so than the person at the very top. So we decided to shed a little light on the subject. From ladies men to nevernudes to closeted homosexuals, the Oval Office has seen its fair share of juicy presidential secrets.

ulysses s grant nevernude


First up: The president who nicknamed his wiener “Jumbo”…