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Were These the Worst Movies of the Year? The Razzies Think So

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I’d Like to Thank the Academy for Screwing Me Over.

When it comes time for studios to pick which films to produce and for actors to choose what roles they’d like to accept or audition for, Hollywood can really be a gamble.

Audiences are fickle and their tastes are ever-changing. Even a film with all signs pointing towards “yes” might be a bomb in the box office. Some of the year’s most anticipated movies often end up being the most criticized. And while the best films of the year have the Oscars to praise them, the worst of the worst have the Razzies.

golden raspberry intro

Source: Twitter @RadioCarolina

The Golden Raspberry Awards were first held in 1981, the same day as that year’s Academy Awards. To this day, the Razzies occur the day before the Oscars as a irreverent and humorous parody to Hollywood’s biggest award night.

Now that the nominations are out, these are at the top — that is, bottom — of the list!

Did you love or loathe the films on this list?