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What If Satan Opened a Light Version of Hell and Called It Heck? People Already Thought of Some Hilarious Scenarios!

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H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Welcome to Heck! Forget Dante and his confusing inferno; there’s a hot new hangout spot for all of you out there that know you’re bad, but not that bad. After all, who really wants to commit to an eternity in boring old hell when you can suffer far more lazily in Heck!

What do you picture when you think of hell? Do you even believe in it? Most of us probably default to the standard old image of fiery pits in some dark cavern filled with poor lost souls as a horned red devil oversees the whole operation. But what if things weren’t that bad? Or what if satan opened up a “light” version of hell that maybe wasn’t as bad as the original?

Redditors were asked to think up some of the scenarios that would likely compose this new, toned-down Heck, and while it still sounds pretty awful, we can’t stop laughing!

heck sign rocko's modern life

Credit: Nickelodeon/ Paramount Television

Ladies and gents, welcome to Heck!