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When It’s Okay to Body Shame: Unclothed Trump Hits Streets Across the Country

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When Politics Meet Art

Politicians are among the most criticized and ridiculed members of our society. Though voted in and up through the system by we the people, politicians still come to represent, sadly, some of the worst aspects of our society. They also become the primary scapegoats for scandal, abuse, and problems, and they take all the blame while fighting for their hotly-debated stances, even though the opinions, at the end of the day, are our own.

Perhaps it’s for this reason that the word “politician” has earned a negative connotation, becoming so associated with corruption and distrust that we cringe at the thought of it. And that’s the exact reason why so many of Trump’s supporters like him: Because he’s not a politician. He says what he means and does what he wants. They admire his gusto.

But hold on a second: Being a politician shouldn’t be a bad thing. In fact, we shouldn’t want anyone else leading our country than a well-versed politician who understands the laws and customs that define our nation, as well as the inner workings of it. That being said, it looks like politicians need to be working a lot harder to clean up their reputations so that they don’t scare the people into voting for dangerously inexperienced candidates now or in the future.

And that’s exactly why criticizing our politicians can be a healthy and cathartic activity. People are angry. The country is in a state of unrest. If we don’t put pressure on our leaders, who else is going to make the changes necessary?

The most infamous artistic stunt of this election season happened yesterday, and the images certainly won’t be forgotten any time soon. Why’s that?

Because five naked Donald Trump statues briefly went up in cities across the nation yesterday, and, frankly, we’re still scarred.

naked donald trump statue make america mexico again

Source: Twitter @NYC_Patch

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