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When Past Meets Present: Modern People in Historical Photos

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History is everywhere.

Living in the present, it can be hard to take a break from our busy lives to look around and remember that all of this has been here for far longer than anyone we know. The building we pass on our way to work or the park we run through on our evening jog, even the sidewalk beneath our feet — all of these things have a past that we understand but rarely consider.

Even as old buildings are torn down and new ones are put up, the towns and cities we come from and live in are hundreds (if not thousands) of years old and have seen more than their fair of human triumphs and failures.

One of the best ways to reflect on the past is by seeing it in pictures, but these superimposed photos will make history’s eeriest moments—from wars to crimes and disasters—suddenly feel very lifelike when layered on top of the places we know and live today.

history intro

Source: Imgur/ IUPkid

Take a look into the past!

Injured Indian soldiers recovering at the Brighton Pavilion, which had been made into a temporary military hospital.

history 1

Source: Imgur

Walking by the site of the Hindenburg crash in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

history 2

Source: Imgur/ IUPkid