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Why Blake Shelton’s Apology Missed the Mark

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Why Couldn’t He Just Say ‘Sorry’?

Every time a celebrity makes a mistake these days, there seems to be a massive witch hunt both online and in the media. These hunts often demand more than just a mere apology, bringing the celebrity’s entire moral history into question instead of focusing on the matter at hand. Such is the price of fame.

And yet celebrity scandals are half of Hollywood’s charm. Most recently, country star, The Voice coach, and current beau of Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton is at the center of a controversy about—get this—racist and homophobic tweets that fans dug up from long ago.

We’ve seen this all before, and we’re quite certain we’ll see it again, so why are we so annoyed by how Blake is handling the whole thing?

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Credit: Rick Polk/Getty Images/Twitter @blakeshelton

‘If I’m Honest,’ Blake’s apology sure sounded like ‘Pure BS.’