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William Shatner Slammed With $170 Million Paternity Suit

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“If they wanted to take legal action they may have to take a DNA test and they know what it would say.”

Hollywood stars are big targets from all sorts of people looking to settle lawsuits and make fast cash or even a name for themselves, and William Shatner of Star Trek fame is no stranger to such controversy.

For decades, 85-year-old Shatner has had people claiming to be his illegitimate children or distant relatives, but no one has been more persistent than 59-year-old Peter Sloan, who goes by the name Peter Shatner.

Sloan insists that William Shatner is his father, and though he has used the actor’s name and identity for his own personal gain, Sloan has now brought a $170 million paternity suit against him.

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Source: Facebook/ Peter Shatner

Here’s what Shatner’s representative had to say…