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Women of Reddit Reveal the Craziest Things They Have Done to Get Rid of a Stalker

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Don’t mess with these women.

Being stalked can be one of the most scariest thing in a person’s life. The unrelenting obsession happens more often to women. It’s scary to be alert, nervous and frightened all the time, never knowing where or when their stalker will make a creepy appearance. A physically bigger man is even more intimidating since you don’t know if they will attack you physically. And even if they have enough evidence to obtain legal protection, restraining orders doesn’t always deter these mentally-unstable people, and you have to take action into your own hands.That’s what the following Redditors did. Maybe you can use their methods, but, even if you don’t have a stalker, you will be able to appreciate the vengeance they got.

woman being followed by stalker

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These women are smart, resourceful and clever. Grrl power!