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Worst Hacking Cyberattacks in History

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How Safe Are We, Really?

And how tech savvy are you?

In today’s world, everything keeps moving increasingly towards technology — from the simplest of actions like reading or ordering food to more complex processes like transferring money or the majority of tasks across countless industries. Chances are you access the internet constantly throughout the day, or that you rely on technology in both your home and professional life. Are you doing it securely?

It’s not just our computers and phones that are getting smarter. Now we have smart cars, smart televisions, even smart homes, so slowly but surely our entire lives exist on the grid, with all our information—financial, medical, personal—stored out there in supposedly ‘safe’ networks.

But how safe do you feel, really? These examples of some of the scariest hacks in US and world history will make you second guess just how much you rely on the internet and show how vulnerable we really are…

hacking hooded man with binary


If the government can’t outsmart these hackers, your social media passwords don’t stand a chance.